Need a Career Lifeline? Explore the world of MOOCs

These days everyone has something to say about online courses and websites. There is so much of buzz about how these courses are becoming the top choice of professionals around the world who are dealing with time crunch. Thus, there


5 Most Common Myths About Virtual Learning

As computers become more commonplace, they are revolutionizing almost every aspect of human life. One aspect of life which computers are impacting is the way people learn. The penetration of computers into the learning sphere has led to a rise

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Take Control Over Your Sales

For institutions who constantly purchase and sell items, managing inventory can be just as crucial as managing finance. And if you thought tracking all your institution purchases were hard, tracking outgoing items and their invoicing can be even harder. Introducing ‘Sales


The Smart Glasses the Education World Was Waiting for

Google has introduced a new set of eyewear- a mass-market ubiquitous computer known as Google Glass. And no, this isn’t just any pair of cool-looking sunglasses a cool-looking actor can wear and make millions in sales from. It’s real. A


Archiving or Deleting a User Record

The difference between archiving and deleting an employee or student record is – when you archive an employee or student record, the record moves from the active record list to the former record list. It does not delete the record

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33 New Features and 37 Enhancement: Fedena in 2014


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Celebrate this Christmas with the all new Fedena 3.4

It’s almost Christmas, and we are pleased to present Fedena 3.4, which delivers improved performance and provides further flexibility. We have been listening to your feedback, and this release offers many exciting new features and enhancements, and also includes a


Tracking Student Fee Payments just got a lot Easier

Monitoring and tracking student fee payments in an institution can be a daunting task for staff in your finance department. To help institutions always be aware of the status of student fee payments and the fee discounts, we have introduced


Guidelines to Improve Your Child’s Education

Education is one of the key components in a child life. For your child to have the best education there has to be teamwork, cooperation and collaboration between parents, teachers, and the child. If one party in this triangle is


Foradian Technologies wins IT Innovation Award at Express I.T Awards 2014

Foradian Technologies has bagged the Express I.T Awards 2014, based on the evaluation criterion design by PwC, Knowledge Support of the Express I.T Award. The awards was received  in the  IT Innovation Award – MSME category, on December 5, 2014

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